5 Ways to Embrace the Entrepreneur SHIFT (Blake Mallen LIVE at DSU)

Direct Selling Shift

April 16, 2024
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The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 – Embracing Change in Direct Selling
00:04:22 – Finding Purpose in Adversity
00:10:50 – Authenticity and Ideal Customer Engagement
00:13:40 – Service-Oriented Leadership
00:15:36 – Focus on Service Over Self
00:16:23 – Integration of Digital and Personal Connection
00:17:42 – Dedication to Personal Growth

Step into the spotlight with our latest SHIFT podcast episode! Join us for an exclusive VIP pass into Blake’s electrifying TED-Style talk from the recent Direct Selling University (DSU) event, hosted by DSN. DSU, held biannually in the US, is the ultimate mastermind gathering reserved solely for active direct selling corporate owners and executives.

At the Spring 2024 DSU Event, over 40 executive speakers and industry experts, representing a staggering $40 Billion in combined annual revenue, graced the stage. With more than 600 executives from 150+ direct selling companies registered, the event was a powerhouse of insights and strategies.

Blake took center stage to unveil the top five transformative perspectives gleaned from the past six months of SHIFT interviews. With a laser focus on embracing change, realigning with purpose, and cultivating a service-driven ethos, Blake’s discourse is a beacon for industry professionals navigating the ever-evolving landscape of direct selling.

In this episode, you’ll unlock the keys to:

  • Ignite your direct selling success with potent mindset shifts.
  • Forge unwavering resilience for entrepreneurial triumph.
  • Master the art of genuine social media marketing to captivate and convert.
  • Embrace service-oriented leadership to fuel growth and cohesion.
  • Propel your personal development to unprecedented heights of business success.

Don’t miss out on this indispensable episode tailored for those committed to staying ahead and thriving in direct selling. Tune in now and chart your course for unparalleled success!

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