LinkedIn Power Strategies & How to Build a Teflon Mindset with Jennifer Jones

Direct Selling Shift

June 10, 2024
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Jennifer Jones, or JJ as she is called, brings 20 years of pharmaceutical sales experience to the table. Driven by her mission to empower women for financial freedom, she transitioned from a successful corporate career to direct selling where she is a top performer at her company. Her relatable journey of juggling motherhood and a demanding career reflects her fearless and tenacious spirit. And, JJ’s story epitomizes the power of leveraging time and embracing entrepreneurship as a pathway to freedom. 

With a Teflon-like attitude and a passion for cultivating a positive team culture, JJ’s insights into mindset shifts and business growth offer actionable strategies for success for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Tune in as JJ shares invaluable tips for unlocking your full potential. 

  • Leveraging LinkedIn daily to grow your business and network
  • Master the art of consistent content creation
  • Small mindset shifts that set high-achieving entrepreneurs apart

The key moments in this episode are

00:02:17   The power of imagery 
00:02:47  The shift out of corporate sales
00:04:32  The need for time freedom 
00:05:11   Going deeper when sharing your story
00:07:21  The decision to take control of her future
00:09:01  Seeing the vision (and freedom) in this space
00:10:23  How we approach money 
00:11:59   Finding the courage to talk dollars and equal pay 
00:13:52  You’re not safe until you take your future in your hands
00:15:27   Ignorance on fire over genius on ice.
00:16:30  Embracing a Teflon life attitude 
00:17:39  The ability to have resilience in tough situations
00:19:35  Getting past the opinions of others            
00:20:09  The power of consistency
00:23:32   The biggest thing that keeps people from moving forward
00:24:10  The importance of your peer group
00:24:58  Flipping the narrative
00:29:03  Keeping the opportunity open every day
00:31:12   Getting out and meeting people 
00:32:27  Connections are not all about business
00:32:51  Who can you serve?
00:33:12  Unlocking the power of LinkedIn 
00:34:38  Leading with the opportunity
00:37:45  Connecting on LinkedIn
00:41:49  You are qualified to help             
00:44:38  Post something that serves
00:46:16   Social media is free
00:47:37   Tactics for staying consistent 
00:49:08  Where to start conversations 
00:51:46   Discovering your ability to start over
00:53:36   The shift JJ would give everyone

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BLAKE MALLEN, a billion-dollar brand builder and community marketing expert, is the perfect person to bring this content to life. With 25+ years of field, ownership, and executive experience generating $3B+ in revenue, Blake brings a fresh and unique perspective from across direct selling industry, He is passionate about the power of potential and works with companies and communities to make the shifts needed to discover and develop theirs.

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