Relationships Over Revenue with Trisha Deming

Direct Selling Shift

February 19, 2024
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Why Caring Relationships Matter More Than Social Media Attraction

Join Blake for an inspiring conversation with Trisha Deming. We dive into her journey from struggling real estate appraiser to a top earner in direct selling, including a pivotal early failure that brought her to tears but ultimately fueled her success. Trisha shares vulnerable insights on battling self-doubt and proving doubters wrong. She offers tactical advice on upgrading your peer circle, implementing morning routines, and most importantly – genuinely connecting with people. You’ll discover why she believes focusing on caring relationships over social media attraction is key. And how a single retreat with top influencers shattered her limiting beliefs about her potential. Trisha reminds us that business is always personal, and there’s no replacement for truly seeing, hearing and caring for people.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Strengthen customer relationships through personal connections.
  • Learn the secret to providing exceptional value to your customers.
  • Embrace authenticity for success in direct selling.

About Trisha Deming

Trisha Deming, a former real estate appraiser, has transformed her career to become one of the top earners and top-ranked leaders in the direct selling industry. With a true passion for finding and mentoring aspiring leaders, she embodies the spirit of perpetual learning and embraces collaboration to drive success. Trisha’s journey from a shy, insecure beginner to a confident, successful entrepreneur highlights her unwavering commitment and tenacity. Her experience and insights are not just about reaching the top, but doing so while uplifting others along the way, making her a valuable resource for entrepreneurial individuals looking to build strong customer relationships and drive business growth.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 – The Power of the First Sale
00:03:15 – Making the Leap into Direct Selling
00:07:02 – Overcoming Early Setbacks
00:09:13 – Embracing Perseverance and Growth
00:11:32 – Committing to Long-Term Goals
00:11:49 – Harnessing the “prove them wrong” energy
00:14:35 – Evolving internal drive
00:16:49 – Gratitude beyond financial success
00:19:25 – Surrounding yourself with positivity
00:20:15 – Embracing self-development
00:23:21 – Building Strong Relationships
00:25:02 – Surrounding Yourself with Successful People
00:28:07 – The Power of a Morning Routine
00:32:25 – Personal Momentum and Attraction
00:33:47 – The Shift Towards Relationship Building and Community
00:34:55 – The Value of Relationship and Connection
00:35:34 – Building Business through Connection
00:37:36 – Importance of Expectations Upfront
00:38:59 – Celebrating Milestones and Vision Casting
00:40:42 – Relationship and Technology
00:47:14 – The Value of Personal Incentives and High Touch Approach
00:48:19 – The Power of Building Relationships
00:51:15 – Intention and Authenticity in Business
00:56:32 – The Power of Belief
00:58:42 – Words of Encouragement for Entrepreneurs
01:00:18 – The Power of Feedback and Nominations
01:00:35 – Engaging with the Show and Social Profiles
01:01:00 – New Social Profiles and Content Sharing

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