A Journey of Resilience and Record-Breaking Success with Gloria Mayfield Banks

Direct Selling Shift

May 27, 2024
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The key moments in this episode are:

00:05:51 Discovering dyslexia 
00:07:44 Asking for help 
00:09:04 From a successful corporate career to direct selling 
00:09:45 Staying optimistic 
00:11:25 Getting more than just extra money 
00:12:33 Getting out of a bad relationship 
00:13:57 Money as a path of freedom
00:16:00 Money conversations that go beyond material things 
00:16:25 The power to give back in big ways
00:19:19 Analyzing companies and doing something different   
00:23:19 Getting past limiting beliefs   
00:24:13 Why events are so important          
00:25:16 Finding the right motivation
00:27:07 The power of having a passionate goal right now  
00:33:41 Finding your passion 
00:39:42 How to strategize for success  
00:41:01 The importance of emotional management 
00:43:55 The power of your energy
00:47:26  Growing your self-confidence 
00:54:42 Gloria’s #1 shift 
00:56:12 The significant shifts that define who you are today  
00:57:32 The one shift Gloria would love to give everyone

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Gloria Mayfield Banks, an internationally acclaimed speaker, success strategist, and Harvard graduate brings a wealth of experience and inspiration to the entrepreneurial arena. Gloria’s journey from overcoming personal challenges, including dyslexia and domestic violence, to earning an MBA at Harvard University is a testament to the impact of passion and self-worth in achieving extraordinary success. 

As the number one sales director out of 3.5 million women across 40+ countries in one of the largest and most respected direct sales companies globally, Gloria excelled faster than anyone in the company’s 50-year history. And, her mission to move ambitious individuals from the ordinary to the extraordinary makes her a compelling figure in the realm of personal and professional development.

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build confidence, overcome obstacles, and sustain motivation in the pursuit of professional growth, this podcast is for you. 

Tune in as Gloria shares invaluable tips for overcoming challenges, fueling your passion and more!  

  • Discover effective strategies to build and maintain confidence as an entrepreneur. 
  • Uncover the powerful impact of passion on achieving business success.
  • Learn to conquer personal obstacles and use them as stepping stones for professional growth.


The Direct Selling Shift podcast is presented by Direct Selling News (DSN), the most trusted media source in the direct selling channel for over two decades. From supporting executive communities from more than 1,000 companies, over 200 issues of Direct Selling News magazine, and our annual Global 100 list we’ve consistently delivered professional reporting on vital industry news, trends, highlights, and insights. Now, for the first time, we’re extending this level of insight and credibility directly to YOU! the most important and powerful Distributor community across the globe!


BLAKE MALLEN, a billion-dollar brand builder and community marketing expert, is the perfect person to bring this content to life. With 25+ years of field, ownership, and executive experience generating $3B+ in revenue, Blake brings a fresh and unique perspective from across direct selling industry, He is passionate about the power of potential and works with companies and communities to make the shifts needed to discover and develop theirs.

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