Transforming Adversities into Advantages with SheriLynn Alcala

Direct Selling Shift

November 13, 2023
Listen Now:

Listen now:

Key Moments:
00:00:00 – The Importance of Purpose and Impact
00:02:25 – From Stay-at-Home Mom to Direct Sales Success
00:05:43 – The Power of a Clear Why
00:08:50 – Overcoming Hesitation and Finding Purpose
00:13:14 – Taking the First Step
00:14:06 – Overcoming the “When Then” Game
00:15:27 – The Guilt of Prioritizing Our Dreams
00:17:24 – Turning Setbacks into Setups
00:21:41 – Shifting from Victim to Optimist
00:26:01 – Going All In
00:27:08 – The Power of Vision
00:28:49 – Believing in Yourself
00:29:49 – Pray and Work
00:31:43 – Building with a Spouse
00:38:39 – Finding Time for Your Business
00:40:20 – Time Management and Priorities
00:41:24 – Setting Boundaries and Balance
00:45:06 – Field and Corporate Alignment
00:47:34 – Perspective as Field Leader and Corporate Executive
00:51:52 – The Power of Sharing Products and Normalizing Direct Selling
00:53:17 – Embracing the Opportunity for Extra Income
00:55:38 – Long-Term Vision and Persistence
00:57:52 – Surrounding Yourself with Positive Influences
01:00:34 – Overcoming Self-Doubt and Starting Now

Transforming Adversities into Advantages with SheriLynn Alcala

November 13, 2023

In this episode of the Direct Selling SHIFT podcast, Blake sits down with SheriLynn Alcala. From being a stay-at-home mom to three young children and navigating the challenges of paycheck-to-paycheck living, she discovered a life-changing opportunity in the direct selling industry through social media. She not only climbed to the pinnacle of the company but maintained her position as a global top 10 income earner for an impressive nine years.

SheriLynn’s journey is a real rollercoaster of overcoming tough times and bouncing back, proving that going all in, having a clear vision, and trusting yourself can turn setbacks into stepping stones to a path of personal and professional growth beyond what you thought was possible.

In January 2023, she made a strategic shift from the field to corporate, assuming the role of Head of Field & Strategy. A true advocate of turning setbacks into setups, she shares a philosophy of using obstacles as motivation to persevere. When faced with failure, she embraces the concept of failing forward, extracting valuable lessons to continually improve. Quitting is not in her vocabulary.

Tune in to the podcast for an empowering conversation on overcoming challenges, achieving dreams, and embracing the journey of relentless pursuit.

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