Why Resilience is a Superpower and the Rise of the MIIS with Wes Linden

Direct Selling Shift

June 24, 2024
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Joining us from London, UK, is Wes Linden, a best-selling author and top-rated speaker who leads an organization that achieves staggering annual sales figures in the hundreds of millions. With 26 years in the industry, Wes has also been the emcee of the industry’s annual Mastermind Event, where he was inducted into the industry’s Hall of Fame.

A champion of team culture, Wes Linden is known for fostering a positive environment within his team, cultivating new leadership and having a passion for empowering and helping to raise others up, regardless of their background or skill level, to accomplish extraordinary results.

Tune in as Wes shares invaluable tips for reframing rejection, overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

  • Staying High Touch in a High-Tech World
  • Goal relevancy and why smaller dollars make big sense
  • Why resilience is today’s superpower

The key moments in this episode are:

00:02:03 –  Resilience and Perseverance
00:09:04 –  Facing Adversity and Doubt
00:12:32 –  Mindset Shifts and Mentorship
00:13:53 –  The Power of Belief
00:14:41 –  The Long Road to Success          

00:19:47 –  Choosing Your Hard

00:22:13 –  The Journey’s Worth

00:24:30 –  Beyond Material Wealth

00:27:47 –  The Importance of Resilience

00:31:26 –  Overcoming Setbacks

00:35:50 –  Building a Supportive Culture
00:37:52 –  Retention and Empowerment          
00:42:19 –  Bringing High Touch to High-Tech

00:42:33 –  The Power of High Touch in a High-Tech World          

00:43:49 –  Creating High Touch Moments

00:44:44 –  Shifts in Direct Selling and the Rise of Multiple Income Streams
00:48:51 –  Leveraging Social Media and Building Connections
00:54:39 –  Overcoming Prejudgment and Embracing High-Quality Contacts
00:56:41 –  The Power of Direct Selling          

00:58:13 –  Mind Shift in Personal Life          

00:58:45 –  Finding Community
01:01:17 –  Gift of Mind Shift          

01:04:28 –  Embracing the Journey

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BLAKE MALLEN, a billion-dollar brand builder and community marketing expert, is the perfect person to bring this content to life. With 25+ years of field, ownership, and executive experience generating $3B+ in revenue, Blake brings a fresh and unique perspective from across direct selling industry, He is passionate about the power of potential and works with companies and communities to make the shifts needed to discover and develop theirs.

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