Transform Your Long-Form Videos into Compelling Shorts

In the constant search for new and compelling content to share, being able to transform your long-form videos into shorter clips is invaluable. I’ve found the best tool for this is Opus Clip.

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Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long, talking videos into shorts in just one click. Opus AI analyzes your video to identify the most compelling hooks, extracts relevant juicy highlights from different parts of your video and seamlessly rearranges them into cohesive viral short videos. Opus Clip can also generate a score to show the virality potential of each short clip so you can prioritize effectively.

Best Uses:

1. Convert Long-Form to Short

  • Identify the most compelling content from long-form video to create relevant and engaging shorts.

2. Viral Content

  • Generate a viral potential score automatically.

3. Clips

  • Select a timeframe to clip and look for specific parts to clip based on keywords.

4. Speaker Detection

  • Analyze moving faces to ensure you and your guest’s face will always be at the center of the video frame.

5. Video Captions

  • Highlight the most valuable keywords to increase watch time by up to 65%.

6. Emojis

  • Add relevant emojis automatically to highlight valuable content to increase views by up to 42%.

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