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This is a private, exclusive blog website where you can stay up to date on all the cutting-edge AI tools to accelerate your income, amplify your business and increase your productivity. AI is emerging rapidly and evolving technology. Everything is moving so fast. We want this to be a dynamic website. Please check back frequently […]

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Sharpen Your AI Edge

AI is not a burden you have to take on. AI makes your life easier. I get the reluctance—this is probably something you don’t know much about. It’s something else for you to DO. And, you’ve got enough on your plate already, right? You want a side hustle that runs itself, not one that runs you into the ground.

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Favorite Tool for Everything

Six Powerful Ways ChatGPT Can Help Build Your Business TODAY
Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT, right? Since launching in late 2022…it’s everywhere, all the time. It’s been hailed as a revolutionary tool that can automate and eliminate all those time-consuming tasks related to the constant need for content creation. But can ChatGPT really live up to all that hype? Yes (and no).

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Content Creation

Five Ways to Create Compelling Content Faster with AI
Content is king! Customers are on a constant and continual quest for more information: about you, your company, your products, your opportunity. But creating compelling content that resonates with the audience you want takes time—especially when you have to do it yourself. But AI can alleviate some of that pressure and shorten the learning curve. I’ve identified five ways AI can expedite your content creation needs. I’ve found that Jasper works best for my specific needs.

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Text to Image / Pictures / Design

Six User-Friendly Hacks for Generating AI Art
Searching for the perfect stock image can take an inordinate amount of time! The options are overwhelming and quite often don’t feel “right” for you or your brand. AI can alleviate some of this frustration through innovative tools that allow you to submit a text prompt that will then be used to generate the perfect image for social media posts, thumbnails and more.

There are many options currently on the market, and they all have pros and cons. I have found the best, most intuitive tool for me to be Midjourney.

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YouTube / Video

Four Advantages AI Brings to Video
If you aren’t on You Tube, you need to be. And if you are, are you maximizing your impact? Video does A LOT to move the needle with your customers. But attention spans, are short—you need a tool that can help you get your message across concisely and intuitively. AI can definitely help. I’ve found the best tool is ChatTube.

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Video Ideas / Headlines / Descriptions / Scripting

Eight Ways AI Can Up Your Brand’s Video Game
‘s Description Generator is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance your YouTube video description creation process. It employs advanced AI algorithms to analyze your video title and automatically produce engaging, SEO-optimized descriptions that maximize viewer engagement and search visibility.

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Video / Audio Editing

The Best Tool for Your Video and Audio Editing Needs
Nothing grabs potential customers more than a stylish, sleek and compelling video. Sometimes the ideas for exciting, innovative content come much easier than the ability to produce a professional looking video that captures the look and feel you are going for. That’s where Descript comes in.

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Long-Form to Short-Form Video

Transform Your Long-Form Videos into Compelling Shorts
In the constant search for new and compelling content to share, being able to transform your long-form videos into shorter clips is invaluable. I’ve found the best tool for this is Opus Clip. Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long, talking videos into shorts in just one click.

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Audio / Voice Cloning

Let’s Talk about the Best Speech Generation Tools
AI audio can be challenging. But Eleven Labs is an innovative speech generator that uses artificial intelligence for speech synthesizing and voice cloning. It transforms text of any length into top-quality speech to match exactly what is being said. The tool helps authors, content creators, and other individuals generate compelling speech from a text.

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