Six User-Friendly Hacks for Generating AI Art

Searching for the perfect stock image can take an inordinate amount of time! The options are overwhelming and quite often don’t feel “right” for you or your brand. AI can alleviate some of this frustration through innovative tools that allow you to submit a text prompt that will then be used to generate the perfect image for social media posts, thumbnails and more.

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There are many options currently on the market, and they all have pros and cons. I have found the best, most intuitive tool for me to be Midjourney.

Midjourney AI is a versatile text-to-image service that enables you to generate compelling images from textual descriptions. People utilize Midjourney AI to create AI artwork for various scenarios including logos, portraits, architecture and more.

It’s very intuitive—simply type your written prompt into the input box on the right and wait for about a minute to receive your Midjourney AI image. Also, you own the rights to the AI artwork and can download the high-definition image for free.

All users can enjoy 20 free uses. You can get an additional 20 opportunities in the Midjourney app. Before any payment is required, you have ample opportunities to experience the MidJourney services for free to determine if it’s the best option for you.

Best Uses

1. Social Media Posts

  • Grow your reach and number of subscribers by adding on-brand images on all posts.
  • Customize your images through intuitive prompts and texts.

2. Social Media Stories

  • Design a custom image to accompany your social media stories.

3. Video Thumbnails

  • Draft eye-catching thumbnail images unique to your brand to accompany all videos.

4. Product and Model/Lifestyle Photography

  • Showcase your products with AI generated photography that reflects your brand positioning and standards.

5. Unique AI-Generated Art

  • Generate one-of-a-kind prompt-drive art to enhance your brand.

6. Videos

  • Convert existing stories into sharable video content.

Category: Text to Image / Pictures / Design

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