Reinventing Yourself and Revisiting Your Why with Darnell Self

Direct Selling Shift

September 18, 2023
Listen Now:

Listen now:

In this inspiring conversation, Blake Mallen sits down with the incredible entrepreneur and business leader, Darnell Self.

Darnell’s journey in the direct selling industry is nothing short of remarkable. He shares his story of discovering his true passion and how it transformed him into a better person.

Tune in to hear Darnell’s wisdom on:

  • Embracing disruption as a key to staying competitive in today’s market.
  • Building an unshakable character and prioritizing others.
  • Shifting your mindset and beliefs for maximum success.
  • Believing that everything happens for you, not to you.

This episode is packed with insights that can change your perspective on business and life.

Episode timeline:

  • [00:00] Loyalty to one path: 24 years.
  • [06:41] Passionate, motivated, reinventing, loyal, mentors, growing.
  • [12:21] Reinventing self to stay relevant.
  • [18:43] Consistent effort leads to success.
  • [24:48] Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers.
  • [41:19] Build relationships, not towers.
  • [45:52] Belief shift leads to success.
  • [51:56] Overcome self-imposed barriers: Limit people pleasing.
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