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The bar is constantly being raised on presentation materials and collateral. No matter how insightful or unique your presentation is, without professional looking decks, your message could suffer from a lack of credibility and get lost in the shuffle.

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Gamma app is a fresh take on slide presentation tools, focusing on user-friendly design and easy collaboration. It allows you to create dynamic, visually appealing presentations without having to focus much on formatting.

The Gamma app allows users to create decks, docs and webpages. The Gamma app gives users the flexibility to work outside the confines of traditional presentations, allowing them to package information in new ways. Gamma’s AI creates materials that target professional users.

Best Cases

  1. Create quick, effortless and impactfule keynote presentations.
  2. Generate docs, slide decks and webpages that can be refined and customized in minutes.
  3. Utilize nested cards, publishing and analytics to help you get your point across in the easiest and most engaging way.
  4. Bring audience attention to your presentation by embedding GIFs, videos, charts and websites.

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