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Otter is voice-to-text transcription software that uses artificial intelligence. It picks up the voice in an audio feed, processes it through an AI algorithm and starts stacking the words on the page—ready to read, highlight and copy. Logo

Otter turns your voice conversations into smart notes that you can easily search and share. You can use it to take notes at your meetings and interviews, capture your thoughts and ideas while you’re driving in the car and transcribe your existing recordings and podcasts. You can even snap photos (e.g. of a whiteboard, a speaker, or a presentation slide at an event) during a recording and they will be inserted in line with your transcripts.

I find that Otter AI makes it easy for me to capture inspiration when (and where) ever it hits. Keep your notes concise, correct and contained in one place.

Best Uses

  1. Keep track of your meeting notes without writing a word. Otter Ai provides detailed translations of your meeting.
  2. Receive an actionable to-do list based on the meeting notes.
  3. Record and Share conversations.
  4. Send notes to other attendees (particularly helpful to anyone who had a conflict or missed the meeting).

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