Four Ways AI Drives More Sales

ManyChat uses Chat Marketing to drive more sales while you remain on autopilot. Using messenger automation like ManyChat can drive more sales and conversation on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

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Attract and engage with customers where they are when they’re ready. Capture the email addresses and phone numbers for up to 80% of your leads and add them automatically to your database.

With Manychat, a lead never slips away, and a follow-up opportunity is never missed. Identify interested leads and reengage them without running expensive retargeting ad campaigns.

Instantly engage with each message, reaction, and mention, so you attract customers faster than ever before and never miss an opportunity with a potential lead.

Best Uses

  1. Build a daily broadcast list.
  2. Generate autoreplies to call-to-action on social media platforms.
  3. Capture interested leads.
  4. Reengage with customers.

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