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Create stunning how-to-guides in minutes by documenting any process as you click, without ever taking another screenshot. Tango automatically documents any process and turns it into a step-by-step interactive walkthrough.

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Avoid hours of tedious work. Just click through your steps, and Tango will format screenshots, write descriptions and create a shareable link to your new guide.

Sometimes your teammates just need to know where to click. Guidance brings your steps to life and shows them exactly what to do—right on their screen.

Best Uses:

  1. Document and Create step-by-step tutorials.
  2. Share and Export your interactive walkthroughs by sending a link; embedding it into a website; or exporting it as a PDF.
  3. Gain knowledge management and insights from those who have been there.
  4. Onboard new team members with resources to help them hit the ground running.

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