How AI Can Simplify Your Digital Strategy

Automating all your social media efforts across all platforms is a huge timesaver. I’ve found that Metricool keeps everything simple and streamlined.

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Metricool is a social media analytic and planning tool to measure, analyze and manage online content and digital campaigns.

It offers you everything you need for your digital strategy in a single place: web and blog analytics; social media metrics and planning; competitor analysis; and the creation, management and analysis of your online advertising platforms

Best Uses

  1. Identify your social analytics.
  2. Analyze your social networks to select the best time to post.
  3. Streamline posting and publishing to all social media platforms (including Instagram stories).
  4. Enable social media content planning to optimize your time and efforts.
  5. Monitor your website or blog to discover the most visited and how much time is spent on them.
  6. Perform a competitor analysis on the main social networks.
  7. Analyze your online ad campaigns’ performance. Manage and optimize your ads to get the most out of them and make your strategies as profitable as possible.

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