Video Creation at Its Easiest

HeyGen is an amazing app that lets you create stunning videos with the power of artificial intelligence. Whether you want to make a video for your business, your social media, or your personal project, HeyGen can help you turn your ideas into reality.

HeyGen boasts a library of over 80 AI avatars in a variety of ethnicities, styles, and accents and supports lip-syncing in more than 20 languages.

I find it to be an easy-to-navigate and intuitive tool for video creation.

Best Uses

1. Personal Avatar

  • Create your own unique avatar to use in social content.

2. Website Tutorials

  • Enhance the user experience with a customized avatar to lead your tutorials.

3. Generative Outfits

  • Establish custom looks for enhanced avatars.

4. Voice Cloning

  • Unleash the full potential of a custom avatar with voice cloning.

5. Talking Photo

  • Upload a portrait photo to create a talking photo by entering text.

6. Text to Speech

  • Create a studio-quality voiceover with over 300 voice options.

Category: Image to Video / AI Presenters

Top Recommendation: HeyGen

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Cost: Free Trial / $48 per month*

Other Notable Option

  • DI-D –  (Free Trial / $5mo / $35mo*

*Cost on date of publish.